• 21 June 2019



DE ROSA 2020: A NEW DESIGN FOR OUR HEART. 1024 576 Marco

21st of June. The first day of summer corresponds to a new chapter of the history of De Rosa, marking the introduction of a new logo. From the story of De Rosa and the expert hand of the designer Pininfarina comes a new logo for the Bikes with the heart, the new identity that will accompany De Rosa and all its project in the years to come. A logo that respects the great tradition, the heritage and the story of De Rosa, reflecting the brand’s Italian soul and looking at the future with enthusiasm.

On Friday 21st of June in Milan, Cristiano De Rosa introduced the first 3 products of the 2020 range, the first products with the new heart: the SK Pininfarina, the second edition of the product launched in 2015, the Merak and the new Idol.


The new logo is the result of the exchange of ideas between the experts of two Made in Italy icons and represents the perfect synthesis between the glorious past of the company, born in Milan more than 60 years ago, and the idea of keep going ahead of time in the future, a value that has always been one of the brand main characteristics. From the stylish point of view, the logo retains the strong character typical of De Rosa, but shapes are re-interpreted with a more modern design.
The typeface used has an accelerated character where the elongated shapes suggest a fast, horizontal movement. The style of the logo is the key for interpreting the journey of the company and is expressed by the solidity of the lettering that is more and more dynamic, fast and open to the future. The main innovation is anyway the new shape of the heart that is almost “engineered” by exploiting the proportion between the circular elements of the bike so as to become the pulsating element of absolute stylistic and technological perfection.
“For us, working on a brand means working on the soul of the company” Paolo Pininfarina, president of the group, says. “Within De Rosa we found such a commonality of values and vision – materialized into the huge success of SK Pininfarina – that we are glad to consolidate the partnership with this new model and to start imagining together the future scenery of development”.

Cristiano De Rosa explains the choice and traces the path for the future growth of the company based in Cusano Milanino: “A strong growth, epoch-making for our brand, born from the willing of combining the futuristic vision of our bikes with the logo that represents us. We had to come to terms with an important matter: our modern, light, performative, aerodynamic products were any longer supported by their logo. At the same time, we are aware of the story and the tradition that our logo and our heart carry out in the tradition of Italian cycling. . This lead us, De Rosa family, to make a choice with our hearts, so we started the creation of a new logo, together with the Pininfarina designers, that could reflect the vision of our products, while respecting the story that identifies us.
I want to thank Paolo Pininfarina and all the Pininfarina design center that have fully understood and valorized in the best way the tradition of De Rosa projecting it into the future.
The vintage futurism is the concept that inspired us. Heritage and dynamism. Those are indeed the values that we took as inspiration for the creation of the new De Rosa logo, with the intention of conveying the future of the brand without ever forgetting its past and its history. I have the fullest respect for everything related to the past and this represents for me a real cultural value for the company, but it is only the basis for the future development of De Rosa, a future where the product and the brand – intended as logo – speak the same language”.


Cristiano De Rosa e Paolo Pininfarina presents the new SK Pininfarina.
De Rosa SK Pininfarina is a project launched in 2015 from two Italian icons that have marked the story of Italian cycling and design: De Rosa and Pininfarina.
The second generation of the Pininfarina SK is the aerodynamic bike by De Rosa. With Carbon frame, 8 sizes available and flat geometry, the new Pininfarina SK looks alike the previous model but is conceptually different in its content.

Innovations in the new SK Pininfarina.

More aerodynamic design: flat horizontal tube, seat tube with wing reduced by the 20%, greatest performance.
To improve the penetration or Cx performance, De Rosa undertook a series of frame modification, so as to make it the most performative among the De Rosa line. The new SK Pininfarina has a frame with flat top tube that has been reduced and made flatter if compared with the previous one. The seat tube has been slightly resized for what concerns the “fin”, reduced by the 20%. The robust rear seat stay allows the bike to be performative and fast.
Entirely integrated wiring: The entirely integrated wiring inside the steering tube and the redesigned fork guarantee the greatest air penetration that is transformed into a better CX performance.
Lightness: Aerodynamism but lightness, as well. The polished frame of the new SK Pininfarina weights 950 gr in its medium size.


Merak represents De Rosa racing soul, competitive and winning. Merak has been the model that won the Plouay world championship in 2000 and that in 2020, 20 years later, is coming back in De Rosa products range to represent the big innovation at the performance level.
With the carbon frame, Merak is suitable for all kinds of itinerary and ready for every challenge, from the highest competition to the more demanding Granfondo.

Lightness and production technology: Thanks to its weight of only 800 gr, it is the new De Rosa top-of-the-range for what concerns lightness. Its reduced weight combined with a high quality are the result of the innovative EPS production technology
Integrated wiring: Wiring is completely inside the steering tube. Therefore, in the disk version, any shift, brake or derailleur wires are visible.


“Formally”, Idol is the bicycle of the De Rosa medium range, the most important in terms of value. However, the new Idol is “technically” closer to the top-range in terms of design, lightness and performance. With the arrival of the New Idol, there’s only one thing that keep it in the present market range: price.

Carbon frame produced by De Rosa, able to express style and design that have always been brand’s trademark.

Unmistakable appearance: Its unmistakable appearance is able to express the style and design that have always been brand’s trademark. Its Arc Slope curvature, renowned by many as an element of absolute refinement, remains the signature in the second Idol generation as well.
Carbon frame, Ultegra Shimano or Potenza Campagnolo groups: High modulus carbon frame, 1 kg weight, available in 6 sizes and available with Ultegra Shimano or Potenza Campagnolo groups.
Geometry and total wires integration: The Arc Slope geometry and the total integration of the shift, disk brakes and derailleur, make the De Rosa Idol the perfect match between a product for highest level of bicycle tourism and the racing product.